Jay & Sonia

Jay and Sonia have the most incredible "LOVE story..

Jay and Sonia met during a time where both were not interested in meeting someone to date ... Sonia reluctantly decided to go to dinner and dancing with her dear friend Yvonne. Sonia is honored that Yvonne begged her to go out that night, Sept 7, 2001.. Sonia and Jay had no idea after meeting and dating five months later they would be husband and wife.

est. 02/21/02 {Married)

Sonia is very passionate about "Love" she always tell her friends what her and Jay have no amount of money in the world can buy....

Sonia and Jay now uses there marriage as a ministry to others, God has truly blessed us to have what some go through an entire life time and NEVER find "TRUE LOVE"

Sonia , met an elderly lady years before meeting her KING and the lady told her to be very specific what you want in a husband and write it down and put it in the bible.. Sonia did EXACTLY that.

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